Population: 14 418 800
Capital: Santiago
Language: Officially Spanish, English in main centres, and German in the lake areas
Electricity: 220 volts 50 cycles AC
Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP)
Holidays: January 1; Easter Holidays; May 1; May 21; August 15; September 18 and 19; October 12; November 1; December 8; December 25.
Times: Banking Hours: 9am to 3pm. Money exchange until 5pm
Tipping: 10% of the bill at hotels and restaurants
4 x 4 Jeep Safari
Bird Watching
Kayaking & River Rafting
Trekking Mountain Climbing
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Chile is located in the south-west of South America. It borders Peru in the North, Bolivia to the Northeast and Argentina to the East. It is the longest country in the world - 4330 km. Easter Island, at the edge of Polynesia, together with other islands of the Pacific and part of the Antarctic territory, are under Chile’s sovereignty.

It is a land of geographical contrasts: deserts, icebergs, lofty Andean peaks and beaches on the shores of the Pacific, salt flats and fertile valleys laden with fruit, lakes and fjords, glaciers and volcanoes and a network of National Parks rich in native flora and fauna.

Chile - where the end of the world begins. An unbelievable, unforgettable destination.

Santiago Valle Nevado Torres Del Paine National Park Atacama Desert Easter Island
SANTIAGO - “Gem of the Andes”

  Nestling at the foot of the Andean Mountain Range in the central area of Chile lies Santiago. It is the political, administrative, commercial and financial seat of the country and a bustling cultural and tourist centre. With its 19th Century neo-classic architecture and charm, tree lined streets and quiet squares, Santiago hums with activity during the day and well into the night: shows, ever-green parks, theatres, cinemas, art galleries and restaurants, large and small - to please all tastes.

VALLE NEVADO - SKI RESORT - “A unique skiing experience”
  Located less than forty miles from Santiago, nestled in a privileged location in the midst of the Andes Mountains, this winter paradise offers world class skiing from June to October. Valle Nevado provides more than 22000 acres of ski terrain in the midst of the majestic Andes. With its state of the art lifts, 6 diverse and carefully groomed runs can be experienced. Together with a variety of restaurants, activities and entertainment, day and night, you are bound to have an all-round fun-filled, relaxing holiday.


  ”One of the wildest and most fascinating places in the world”.

Located just under 400km from Punta Arenas, its 242000 hectares include rivers, lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers and incredible massifs - the “Horns” - which reach 3050m at their highest point.

Forests of “lenga and nires” trees as well as small bushes, foxes, hares, woodpeckers, hawks, condors and other species fill this National Park. Excursions by foot or on horseback as well as mountain climbing expeditions and fishing trips can be organised.

ATACAMA DESERT - “Most arid desert”
  ”In many areas, rainfall and even life are unusual phenomena”.

The Atacama Desert is the most arid desert in the world. Flanked by the majestic Andes on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, the amazing and diverse geography of Northern Chile have been fashioned.

With mineral riches such as salt, nitrate and copper, the source of endless fortunes lie hidden in the crust of the Atacama Desert. The coastal area is populated with several attractive cities, bustling commercial and cultural centres and bordered by long sandy beaches.


  In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 3700km from the Chilean coast and 4000km from Tahiti, lies a fascinating island, steeped in mystic and beauty, almost untouched by civilisation. Easter Island or “Navel of the World” as its inhabitants called it, is virtually an open-air archaeological museum.

Huge Moai carved stone figures are still a mystery to archeologists who have come up with all sorts of different theories, as to how the islanders carried them from the volcanoes considering that they weigh about 50 tons and are more than 10 meters high.

It is the furthermost island from its continental shores on the whole planet, and the most isolated island ever visited by man. Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeven discovered the island on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1772.

Chile took possession of this island on September 1888, with the initiative of Captain Policarpo Toro Hurtado, who convinced the government by arguing about the economic possibilities and necessity for national security.

Gentle rolling hills, mountains and extinct volcanoes make up the landscape of this island surrounded by crystal, clear waters.

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