Language: English (also 11 official native languages)
Currency: South African Rands
Holidays: January 1, March 21, March 29, March 30, April 1, April 27, May 1, June 16, August 9, September 24, December 16, December 25, December 26
Climate: In summer, the days are hot and the nights pleasantly cool. In winter, the nights can be quite cold, even below zero, but during the day the sun shines and lets the temperatures rise up to 25 degrees. Rainfall is to be expected only in summer.
Location: Gauteng Province, South Africa.
Country dialling code: 27; as of May 2002, all local numbers dialled, even from within Johannesburg, will have to be preceded by the area code (011).
Population: 2.5 million (city); 7.3 million (Gauteng Province).
Ethnic mix: 72% black (expected to rise to 74,7% by 2010), 17,4% white (expected to drop to 14,8% by 2010), 6,5% coloured (expected to remain constant), 3,7% Asian (expected to rise to 4% by 2010).
Religion: 90% Christian, 4% Jewish, 3% Muslim, 2% other, 1% Hindu.
Time zone: GMT + 2.
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz; round three-pin plugs are standard.
African Wildlife
Flying Schools
Hanggliding and Paragliding
Hiking, Trekking, Walking
Hot-air ballooning
Horse Riding
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Jo'burg, Jozi, eGoli or 'the city of gold' is by far the largest city in South Africa. It's brash, fast-growing and often ugly, but it's got wealth, energy and a beautiful climate. If you want to see the 'real' South Africa - and try to understand it - Jo'burg has to be on your itinerary. This cosmopolitan city resembles a mix between Africa and the “West” and provides you with wonderful shopping opportunities as well as a large variety of cultural experiences within close proximity.

Kruger National Park Pretoria
  The Kruger National Park is one of the most highly acclaimed national parks in the world.
It's nearly 22,000 square kilometres of undisturbed savannah, woodland, riverine forest and craggy mountain ranges, possess one of the greatest diversities of animal life, anywhere on the planet.

Every season has much to offer. In the winter, due to lack of rain, there is less surface water. This forces the animals to use the permanent water holes, increasing the chances of sightings, but animals can be seen all year round. The summer has the advantage of the shrubs and trees coming into bloom, giving some wonderful floral displays.
There is a whole array of accommodation available, from tented camps to ultra luxury Lodges.

PRETORIA – Jacaranda City
  Pretoria is a historic city of beautiful parks and gardens, charming accommodation establishments and places of interest for everyone. The City is a mix of ultra modern and old.
The famous Jacaranda trees line wide, well planned streets, allowing for easy access to the many delights the city has to offer.

From the buzz of cosmopolitan Hatfield, Sunnyside and Brooklyn, renowned for their huge variety of restaurants, street cafés, clubs and pubs - to the tranquillity of beautifully kept parks and walking trails. Discover the diverse ethnic traditions and culture of Pretoria in the many monuments, museums, art galleries, architecture and villages in and around the city.

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