Population: 167 000 000
Capital: Brasilia
Language: Portuguese
Electricity: 100AC - 60 Cycles, except Brasilia and Recife where it is 220AC - 60 cycles
Currency: Brazilian Real
Holidays: January 1; February: Carnival period; April: Easter Holidays and 21;
May 1; September 7; October 12; November 2; 15; December 25
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Embedded in the central-oriental part of South America, with an extension of 8.5 million km2 (comparable to the size of Europe) lies the country of Brazil. Brazil borders almost every South American country, excluding Ecuador and Chile. Half of Brazil’s area is covered by the Brazilian part of the Amazon basin - the vastest sweet water and oxygen reservoir on earth.

Brazil’s coastline of fine-grained sand, from ochre to white beaches stretches 9000km along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s coast offers an infinity of spectacular contrasts e.g.: spring tides, tidal waves, bleak dune landscapes, forests of palm trees, white and ochre beaches. Cool southern savannahs, sultry equatorial rainforest, mountains, marshes and some of the world’s most exotic fauna and flora make up a vital natural reserve for the future of mankind..

Rio de Janeiro The Amazon River The Iguaza Falls Manaus Belem
RIO DE JANEIRO – A city of exotic superlatives

  Rio is the main gateway to Brazil, a city situated between mountains and ocean, spread along the well-known beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.

A city of exotic superlatives, with an endless assortment of experiences for every taste. Rio’s exotic flair brings the romantic close to his dreams. The nature lover will discover some fascinating walking tours and the adventurous will be swept along by its incomparable charms.

THE AMAZON RIVER - Father of Rivers
  The Amazon rolls 1000 kilometres north from the “Transamazonica’. A natural waterway of 7300 kilometres, it is the longest river on earth. Six times longer than the German “Rhine” fed by more than 1100 tributaries - 20 of them also longer than the “Rhine”.

The daily rainfall at the equator is dramatic - in one single day the water volume of an entire European year pours down. The natural wonders and surprising experiences, which are simply breathtaking, may surely fulfil someone’s dream of adventure.

IGUAZÚ FALLS – BRAZIL - The Rain Forest of the Missions

  Situated in the south of Brazil at the frontier with Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Surrounded by subtropical rain forest, the falls are bigger in expanse than the “Victoria Falls”, higher than those of “Niagra” and more beautiful than both. The majesty of this natural wonder fills the soul with a sense of harmony and balance.

MANAUS -The Green Hell
  The capital of the State of Amazonas, Manaus is situated in the heart of the Amazon jungle and it is the gateway to the Amazon.

The city is situated on the banks of the Rio Negro, the largest tributary of the Amazon River. The two rivers run side by side for 6km before the waters mix.

  Belém is the capital of the Para State, situated at the mouth of the Amazon River in the Atlantic Ocean. A pleasant city with colonial and modern architecture, handcraft markets churches and many theatres.

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