Since 1984 our company has strived to provide excellent value without jeopardizing high standards.

We are proud to say that LED TOURS & TRAVEL is able to satisfy the most discerning traveller with services in now 3 continents, with the addition of India Programs called "Magical India".

Our new website ensures easy access to the magic of South America and Southern Africa.


NEW - VIP Destination - Uruguay
Estancia Vik José Ignacio promises the adventure of Uruguay's traditional ranch experience and stunning nature, the splendor of South America`s finest beaches, the thrill of parties that outlast the sunrise.
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The capital of Ecuador, Quito, brings the past to life in its museums, monasteries, the carved stone facades and golden altars of its many churches. Enjoy the scenic. Colonial and artistic Quito, then stand with a foot on each hemisphere at the Center of the World.
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"Magical India"
Few countries deserve the description "magical" to the same extent as India. It is ancient, with a civilisation spanning more than 4000 years; and it is at the same time vibrant and new. It offers an astounding diversity of beautiful places and things; of glorious landscapes from the Himalayas in the north to the quiet waterways of Kerala in the south; of temples and palaces and monuments, none more glorious than the Taj Mahal. One moment one is overwhelmed by the intensity of its sounds and smells and its profusion of colour; the next by its silence and its culture of contemplation and holiness. It is a vast country; in fact, many countries in one, but all of it readily accessible to the willing traveller.

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Gateway to Patagonia
Come sail the Andes in five star fashion.
Come dazzle your senses!
Patagonia Aisén, where the silence is so profound you can almost feel it.

A trip to remember
Catamaranes del Sur invites you to visit
Patagonia and its imcomparable scenery.
Your Window to Patagonia
Superior comfort in an area renowned for fauna and flora, glaciars and fjords.