Population: 35 000 000
Area: 3,761,274 kilometres
Capital: Buenos Aires
Language: Spanish
Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz
Currency: Argentina Pesos and US Dollars
Holidays: May 8; June 15; 01 Jan; April 9/10; July 9; Aug 17; Oct 12; Dec 25. In some cases if the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday it is changed to Monday or Friday.
Times: Banks Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm; Shops 9am to 7pm; Downtown shops and shopping centres every day up to 10pm. Coffee shops and restaurants till very late at night.
Climate : Mostly moderate except some areas in the north, which get very hot and some
southern areas very cold.
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A country with a diverse climate and topography, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and approximately one third the size of Europe.

On the East it is bordered by Uruguay and the Atlantic, on the North by Bolivia and Paraguay and on the West by Chile and Antarctic waters. It is 2300 miles long and measures 980 miles at its widest point. It is indeed a beautiful country with an interesting and colourful history.

All of Argentina's features are superlative: Thick forestland in the north (Misiones) and the great heights of the breathtaking Iguazú Falls. The Cuyo vineyards and soft rolling hills of Cordoba, the imposing majesty of the snow-capped Andes overlooking the dazzling beauty of the lake district, and lastly the crystal valleys of Patagonia and the silent channels of Tierra del Fuego, all together make up a land of passion and diversity.

Buenos Aires Bariloche The Iquazu Falls Los Glaciares National Park
BUENOS AIRES- "The city that never sleeps"

  This is the place where the Tango was born! One of the ten most important cities in the world, the bustling and flourishing Capital of the Argentine Republic, is suitable for tourism, business, meetings and conventions. This cosmopolitan city can be mistaken for any European capital.

Known as the Paris of the Southern Hemisphere and the city that never sleeps. This elegant city lives up to its reputation by offering international retail outlets like Channel, Polo, Christian Dior, five-star cuisine, theatres, cinemas, art galleries, fascinating antiques, green parks, wide tree-lined boulevards, museums, casinos, cabarets, tango houses, high class and trendy night-clubs, restaurants and bars which stay open all night.

BARILOCHE - "A reality that defies the imagination"

  At a distance of 1700km from Buenos Aires, lie "the South American Switzerland" and the oldest Ski resort in Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche is a place to visit all year round. Apart from its natural beauty and out-door activities, the city of Bariloche offers restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, shows, casinos, an intense night-life and much more.

The landscape provides a framework for excursions and many sporting activities that have made the city an international tourist centre with an intense social and cultural life. Lakes, woods and mountains offer you limitless adventure and the beauty of Bariloche leaves the visitor speechless.

THE IQUAZU FALLS - "The Great Waters"

  Iguazú means 'great waters' in the language of the ethnic group of the area called Guarani. The falls of Iguazú consists of 275 falls in the shape of a half moon plummeting down from a height of 70 meters into La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat).

This is the region of the great rivers, the humid tropics of red earth and the magnificent virgin jungle full of gigantic trees and extraordinary flora and fauna.
Deep flowing rivers, tree filled plains and the back drop of the Andes make this area an ideal spot for the traveller keen on nature, fishing and adventurous excursions.

LOS GLACIARES NATIONAL PARK - Experience "new sensations"

  In the extreme south-west of the country, a large area known as the Patagonian Ice Field constitutes the most beautiful marvels of Southern Argentina. There are 47 glaciers descending from it, 13 of which are on the Atlantic side and flow into the Viedma and Argentino lakes. UNESCO has declared this fantastic landscape of snow-capped peaks and glaciers a Natural Heritage of Humanity. Activities include boat excursions, trekking on the glaciers, horse-riding etc.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is the most famous of the 13 glaciers. It is one of the few glaciers in the world that continues to advance. It has a leading edge of 4000 meters wide and 60 meters high. Every 4 or 5 years the pressure of the water breaks over the edge in a deafening spectacle, although, during the year, towers of ice fall and break into multiple icebergs.

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